Kenwood D710 Base 96UHF Config

Reprogram the 'D' key on the mic to be ENT - that's required to use the mic to do direct frequency entry. See F-MainKnoB - AUX - 509 MIC PF1 ; change it to ENTER

For general mobile use of a D700 see TM-D700

Front Panel Controls

  • Top display line should show
    • APRS[96], BCON
      • APRS set by:
      • BCON set by bottom row of push buttons. If bottom row is not APRS operations, then push 'KEY'
        • Clear and re-enable BCON to manually force a single beacon transmission.

Memory Configuration

Setting Contents
600 Settings Callsign WA7NWP-4, type APRS
601 Internal TNC Band: B, Speed: 9600, DCD: D or RxD Band, TXD 200 ms
602 GPS Port Baud: 9600, Input: OFF, Output: OFF
603 Waypoint Format: Kenwood, Name: 9-Char, Output: ALL
604 COM Port Output: OFF
605 My Position *1 Name, Lat: -, Long : -
606 Beacon Speed: ON, Altitude: ON, Ambiguity: OFF
607 Position Comment (your choice)
608 Status Text Text: "[Freq MHz](space)(space) 96UHF", Tx Rate: 1/2
609 Packet Filter Position Limit: Off, Type: …
610 Station Icon Kenwood W; Symbol: K, Table: \
611 Beacon Tx Algorithm Method: auto, initial: 20 min, decay: OFF, pathing: OFF
612 Packet Path Type: New-N, WIDE1-1: OFF, Hops: 2, VIA: WIDE2-2
613 Network APRS ALTNET: (empty)
614 Voice Alert Voice Alert: OFF, Frequency: 100.0 Hz
615 Weather Station TX: OFF, Interval: 5 min
616 Digipeat My Call Digipeat: ON
617 UICHECK Time: 28 sec
618 UIDIGI UIDIGI : OFF, Aliases: -
619 UIFLOOD UIFLOOD: ON, Alias: WIDE, Substitution: ID
621 User Phrases empty
622 Auto Reply Reply: OFF, Text: -, Reply to: *
623 Group Filtering Message: ALL,QST,CQ,KWD, BLN: -
624 Sound RX Beep: message only, TX Beep: OFF, APRS Voice: OFF
625 Interrupt Display Area: Entire Always, AutoBrightness: ON, Change Color: ON, Int Time: 10 sec
626 Display Unit 1 Speed, Dist: MILE, Altitude: feet, inch: Temp: F
627 Display Unit 2 Position: dd, Grid: Maidenhead
628 Navitra Group Mode: OFF, Code: 000
629 Navitra Message *1: -
630 SmartBeaconing 1 Low: 5, High: 70, Slow Rate: 30 min, Fast Rate: 120 sec
631 SmartBeaconing 2 Turn angle: 28deg, slope: 26, time: 30 sec


  • Status Beacon rate is set so Status shows about once an hour. With three beacons an hour, about 1 in 2 or 3 will have the Status message. Probably should be 1/1 given the 20 minute net cycle time.
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